Conference Camping

I’m going to a Drosophila species identification workshop in Tucson next week. I love Tucson. Mostly, I love the surrounding saguaro forests. So, I decided that instead of staying in a hotel, I’ll just camp. I’ll pack light, rent a car, and drive to the campground with my gear. The weather should be perfect: low 80s during the day, mid 50s at night. There’s a campground with showers about 15 minutes away from the workshop, which starts at 9am every day. When I’m camping, I get up with the sun, so I’ll have plenty of time to get there in the morning. Then, in the evening, what do you do in your hotel room, anyway? Watch TV? I’d rather read in a tent. Maybe smoke hookah by the campfire. Wake up with the birds, hike over to the remains of a prehistoric village… So, am I crazy? I’m thinking that if this works out, why not always camp when I go to conferences? It’s cheaper AND it’s doing something that I enjoy. Any thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Conference Camping

  1. I think it’s a terrific idea, with the weather like it’s supposed to be. Not surprising either, you nomad, you.Joe and I are in Florida, enjoying a nice condo, on vacation this and next week. We’re planning on going up to Titusville to see the shuttle launch on Tuesday. Had no idea one was scheduled while here, so I’m pretty excited. If it does launch, that will be on check off my list of lifetime things to do.Be safe, have fun, and e-mail me with updates…or I’ll read about your life here. Do I have your current address?Love you, Mom

  2. I’m kinda hoping that the weather is good when I head to Florida for Thanksgiving… it would be great to be able to camp a night or two on my way down from Philly. I suspect that it might be a bit cold, but if I can get a campsite with electricity I can run a small heater in the tent. Keeps it plently toasty.I love to get up with the sun when camping and try a capture a picture of the sunrise over a lake or river. The early morning fog on the water offers so many possibilities for a great photograph.Enjoy your trip… dad

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