Angel Island

Angel Island is in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. Last Saturday, with a pretty big group of people (most of whom I had never met,) I took the ferry from Tiburon to go hiking there. It was a really spectacular day for the bay, which is frequently foggy and cold. We hiked around and up to the highest peak (~1500ft). All along the hike, you’re treated with views of the north and east bay (Mount Tamalpais, Oakland/Berkely Hills, even Mount Diablo) and the city (San Francisco.) Click on the link to see some pictures from the hike.

Leaving Tiburon on the ferry
Aproaching Angel Island

View of the dock
a wild iris

view of Mt. Tamalpais (but we just say “Mount Tam”)
at the top of Mt. Livermore, we stop for lunch and take in the view of the Golden Gate Bridge

more GG Bridge.

It was a little hazy, which makes the pictures not turn out so great,
but it was really a spectacular day!

these flowers were everywhere

typical California coastline (on a very small scale!)
this rock crusher was used to produce gravel for the roads on the island

you can ride your bike all the way around the island on these roads

one of many nice views

just thought this looked cool

after the hike we relaxed with beers in this outdoor seating area while we waited for the ferry

leaving Angel Island

seagull in Tiburon

We had dinner at Guayamas. The food was pretty good, but the company was better.

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