I’ve got to decide in which labs to rotate this year. I figure I’ll keep track of my options here. I’m not sure if I should choose labs because I think they’re doing cool, interesting stuff or if I should choose labs because I think I might be able to learn a useful technique.

1. John Roth
I am particularly interested in his work on adaptive mutation.
2. Scott Dawson
He’s a super-nice guy, and he’ll teach me some useful microscopy stuff. And, more than one person said that I should do a rotation with him.
3. Mitch Singer
Myxococcus seems like a very cool organism. Mitch seems like a nice, enthusiastic guy.
4. Ian Korf
This seems like a no-brainer. Especially if I’m going to be working on the GEBA project.
5. Katie Pollard
Statistics is (are?) fun! (and useful)
6. David Mills
I love wine!
7. Artyom Kopp
I feel like this is cheating a little (because I’ve already been working with him.) But, this might be a nice way to keep working on Drosophila for a while.
8. Wolf-Dietrich Heyer
9. Stefan Wuertz
If I can do a rotation outside of Microbiology, then I should definitely talk to him!
10. Michael Syvanen
Horizontal gene transfer.
11. David Begun

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