decisions, decisions…

I met with Jonathan today to talk about my future. It went well, I think. I don’t have to grab some crappy piece of the GEBA pie. I might be able to work on Drosophila gut bugs after all, or I might do more with metagenomic simulations. I’ll have to flesh that idea out a little more, but like I said, I do like metagenomics. And, I like the fact that I can sit down over a long weekend and read the entire body of metagenomics literature. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend… um, no. I’ll be wakeboarding and barbecuing!

Now, I’m going to start writing up the simulation project. I’d like to have that finished before classes start (that’s late September.) Speaking of classes, I’ve narrowed down my rotation options to David Mills, Scott Dawson, Ian Korf (if I can go with non-micro faculty) and Katie Pollard (ditto). If I can’t choose faculty outside of the MGG, then I’ll ask Mitch Singer and Kate Scow.

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