Fly Hunt

I’m trying to upload a tentative map of my cross-country trip that I’ll be starting next week and should last for about one month. I’ll fill you in on the details of why I’m doing this as soon as I get the map feature working.


Awesome. Well, that took about 1 second. I love Google.

OK, so now I’m exhausted (note time stamp!) I’ll post more about Drosophila gut bugs later. I’ve put this map together so that I can contact all of the people I’ll be meeting along the way to work out the specifics. I swear, I thought I was over-preparing when I started planning this 2 months ago, but, really, I wasn’t. I’m leaving in ONE WEEK and I am overwhelmed by what’s left to do.

2 thoughts on “Fly Hunt

  1. cool google maps thing. will have to try that out for myself. are we going to be treated to some nice photos of fly guts, perhaps with some explanation of how they differ around the country?! looking forward to reading more…

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