Yesterday, I met with Kathryn Radke, the master graduate advisor, who was very helpful in helping me sort out some details. First, she informed me that the Micro web site was completely wrong about the elective requirements, so instead of having to take 3 elective courses, I only have to take one. Nice. That makes my coursework requirement quite minimal: a total of five courses. I could easily finish my coursework in the first year and then start working on the Master’s in Biostatistics. We’ll see. We also talked about the possibility that I might be allowed to enroll as a part-time student. This would be nice because then it’s much less hassle with the Human Resources department when it comes to paying my tuition. Also, it just makes sense, since I’ll technically have a full-time job. I wrote a request that Dr. Radke has offered to take to “the board” or whoever, and she said that she would recommend that they approve my request.

I’ve also asked to have one of the core course requirements waived because it covers exactly what I’ve been doing for the last five+ years. As Jonathan said, I could teach the class! Also, it’s only offered at 7:30 am!! But, it’s our little secret that that is a big concern for me…

Today, I’m meeting with Scott Dawson. I thought I’d be meeting with David Begun, too, but he hasn’t gotten back to me about a specific time. I may just drop by, since I’ll be in town already.

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