NESCent – play

I’m pretty sure that I would not be welcome back at the Eisen lab if I wasn’t the instigator of at least one social gathering during this ten-day compu-phylo-info-mindo-bendo-juggernaut. So, I asked Bill to announce on Friday that I was hosting a party that evening at my apartment. BYOB, I’ll bring the hookah!! Here are some pictures from the party. If any NESCent folks are reading this and want more pictures, I’ll post them all on Bill’s NESCent web page soon, or I’ll send you a link to an online photo album.
I had a hard time deciding whether or not I should admit that I can’t remember everyone’s name. Well, I can’t. Sorry! I’m guessing in some cases, so someone please correct me if I get it wrong.

Here, left to right, we have Colleen, Derrick, Karen, Kathleen, and Omar.

Santiago is showing Shelah the cheating way to blow smoke rings with the hookah. Then, he shows off..

Rutger regales Bill with tales of European history.

Taika and Joseph marvel at how intelligent the Americans are.

Jason and I smokin’ hookah with Lauren.

Taika and Libby.

I hosted a second party. It wasn’t as well-attended, but by this time we were all more comfortable with each other, so it was fun. Some of us were more comfortable than others…

Rutger tried to fulfill Libby’s Peter Murphy fantasy.

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