more on rotations

It’s funny to me that I would have been perfectly happy not doing rotations at all, but since I am, you’d think I was choosing a partner for life. Four times! Nevertheless, here’s an update: I met with Ian Korf, and I’ve emailed Scott Dawson and David Begun. Next week, I’ll meet with Scott and David to talk about possible projects.

So, that leaves one more. Katie Pollard, I think. I haven’t talked to her yet. I’m not sure why not. I’m also thinking that I want to get a Master’s in Biostatistics while I’m at it. I can’t decide if that means I should definitely do a rotation with a statistician or if should do one with a microbiologist since I’ll be getting plenty of statistics. I’m thinking I should talk to Mitch Singer and/or David Mills and/or Kate Scow. Yeah, so I guess I haven’t really narrowed it down that much. Crap. I may be thinking too much about this.

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